Parenthood Is A Right, Not A Fight.

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Professional Support for Parents and Families.

Areas of Support

Our team will evaluate your Child Custody Court case file and perform legal research applicable to your jurisdiction. We’re on the pulse of modern technology and media, and have monitored cases involving Child Custody and Parental Alienation to inform our own strategic approaches—all to give you exceptional service that will have an impact on your case.


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LEGAL research

Family Court rules and procedures can be convoluted and vague at best. CCJ understands this and we will thoroughly review your court docket, examine your court file, relevant reports and any other evidence submitted to the courts regarding your custody case. CCJ collaborates with global agencies and experts to provide our clients with the most up-to-date case information and research available. Our clinic does not offer legal advice nor attend court. We DO NOT take cases litigated through CPS or DCFS.

Private investigation

Information is Power.
Custody battles can soon turn into full-fledged war. In cases of Wrongful Custody Determinations or Parental Alienation, false accusations, fraudulent documents, "gaslighting" or some form of injustice has usually occurred. CCJ collaborates with Licensed Private Investigators who perform criminal, civil and credit background checks so that clients are best equipped to win their case with independently obtained hard evidence.  


individual and family counseling  

Wrongful Custody Determinations and Parental Alienation ARE forms of Child Abuse.  The symptoms may manifest themselves as physical ailments, emotional trauma, or mental disorders. We collaborate with global experts to create an intense individualized and family counseling program specifically designed to redevelop and strengthen parent-child and familial bonds.



ccj advocacy army

Center for Custody Justice believes that in order to influence the powers that be, public support is vital. Reform is in itself a difficult endeavor. It requires time, money, finesse, strategic thinking, and, in many ways, prayer, but it doesn't stop there. At the end of the day, public support can be invaluable to parents or families suffering from family court legal abuse. CCJ actively seeks out those who desire to do more than express empathy.  Click on our Contact Page and enter your information to learn more about joining CCJ's Advocacy Army. 


media advocacy/ video services

The internet, technology and social media are so pervasive that it seems difficult to imagine having ever lived without them. CCJ is also aware that legislation is driven by the press. Family Court cases need transparency, yet are purposely not covered by mainstream media.  Therefore, parents and families don't learn about the danger of Family Court-Initiated Legal Abuse until AFTER they have experienced a 'WCD' or P.A. case, when it is much too late. The lack of transparency also keeps the public unaware of the injustices. CCJ's Media Advocacy creates awareness of these forms of legal abuse while protecting your family's rights.